Thankyou for stopping by! Books, stories - I don't think that my life would be the same without them! I read, read and read some more. I love the thrill of the chase when you read and you race with a story to the end. I love the pictures a story can create inside your head and I love the feeling of being somewhere else and being someone else. Then there's the writing and that's when the fun begins!


Picture books, first readers and novels for ages 12 plus are what I write and the inspiration can come from anywhere. Sometimes, I can find an object and wonder about it. I'll read a newspaper or hear about something on the tv. Sometimes I can look at pictures and see a story.


I read, I write and I talk to schools and festivals about the joys of writing. I'd love to hear from you. You can contact me here.


'I want to be' phase one is complete and here's the video to prove it! What a fabulous bunch of chidren to work with! Phase two is starting now - three more schools and a film as the outcome. Intense but fun!

'Littlest Magpie and the Star' by Gill Hutchison and Carol Daniels. I'm so excited and privileged to be leading this project. Gill was a friend and fellow children's writer and died in 2015. Her SCBWI group decided that her heart-warming story deserved a wider audience. We raised money through Crowd funding which enabled us to bring in the editor and designer, Simona Sideri.The launch date is Novermber 12th!  

Bushfield Road Infant School book launch for "I Want To Be!" - 5th July

Primary Project - 'I Want To Be'

I'm delighted to be working on an innovative project called, 'I Want To Be ... ' with two primary schools. The idea is to raise aspiration with young children, so that they consider professions that they might otherwise not think about. The University of Hull and North Lincs council has organised and is backing the project and it's very exciting. I'm working to produce a non-fiction book with two classes of year 2 from the excellent, Bushfield Road Infants in Scunthorpe. It will be called 'I Want To Be' and we have a launch date of June! I'm also working with a class of year 6 and year 5 pupils from Killingholme Primary in Immingham, to produce a non-fiction book called, 'So, You Want To Be ... ?' It's a huge project made wonderful by the amazing enthusiasm from the children. 

A Bagful of Stars - new picture book!

A Bagful of Stars launches on December 5th at the Festival of the Christmas Trees in Scunthorpe

A Bagful of Stars is a joyful, rhythmical picture book illustrated by the amazing, award winning Bridget Strevens! The book was commissioned by The Rotary Club of Scunthorpe to celebrate ten years of The Festival of the Christmas Trees. It has been a wonderful project which has been supported by North Lincolnshire council and adopted as part of their early years literacy drive and Imagination Library.

Extraordinary illustrator, Siri Vinter to illustrate, 'Worlds Apart'!

My new picture book, 'Worlds Apart' illustrated by the awesome Siri Vinter, will be published by Frances Lincoln Children's Books in January 2017

We Read! Video resource for schools!

I made this video, WE READ! with the support of North Lincolnshire Library Service and many wonderful and enthusiastic readers in North Lincs primary schools. The children are brilliant advocates for the power of story and it was a privilege to listen and talk to them.


Feel free to use WE READ! as a resource in schools or elsewhere. I just ask that you let me know!


Thanks for watching.

Winter Writers Competition

I'm honoured to be asked as the judge on a writing competition for secondary students across North Lincolnshire schools. The competition is called, 'Winter Writers'. I can't wait to read the entries!

I had great fun with the brilliant children who came to my Story Egg session at Nottingham Kids' Festival of Imagination!

In June, I was awarded a Northern Writer's Award for outstanding promise for my work-in-progress, a middle grade novel called The Empty Girl. If your only friend was lured away  by a monster would you set out on a nightmare journey to save him? I'm not sure I would but then I'm not as brave as my heroine. Here's a picture of the sort of place I've set it in. Beautiful but lonely and dangerous ...


Hello Visitor!

"Grandad's Bench is a heart-warming tale which never steps over the line dividing love from sentimentality. It will appeal to young children who know about the special bond that often exists between the young and the old." Carousel

"This attractive book is the warming story of a lonely child, new to a cold rainy climate, who loses the precious toy elephant that is his confidant... a ‘must’ for our schools and homes."
- Children's Books Ireland - Siddharth and Rinki

Launching December 5th at the Festival of the Christmas Trees in Scunthorpe

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