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I have always been interested in images, film and film- making. When I left university I was part of a fabulous young film crew making a sword and sorcery epic called, SWORD. The actual film is lost but Joe Fordham, one of the directors, made this timeless classic, The Making of Sword. I'm the only girl and I have HAIR. 

We Read!

I made this video together with North Lincolnshire library serivce and loads of fantastic local schools.

Under the Bridge

Freya's cool video

Henry Does Things Backwards

My Dad and Other Explosions

Hello Visitor!

"Grandad's Bench is a heart-warming tale which never steps over the line dividing love from sentimentality. It will appeal to young children who know about the special bond that often exists between the young and the old." Carousel

"This attractive book is the warming story of a lonely child, new to a cold rainy climate, who loses the precious toy elephant that is his confidant... a ‘must’ for our schools and homes."
- Children's Books Ireland - Siddharth and Rinki

Launching December 5th at the Festival of the Christmas Trees in Scunthorpe

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