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Wilf is nine and likes inventions, stick insects, his best friend, Dexter and Buzz Aldrin. He's not so keen on shouting, people called Alan and having to eat Mum's organic medley. He's also a BIG fan of the Science Museum and astronauts especially. When he's older he might actually be an astronaut, that, or a lawnmower repair person because his favourite inventor is Edward Beard Budding who invented the lawnmower AND the adjustable spanner while he was at it. Meanwhile, there're parents, Granpa Jack and Dexter to deal with. This is his story, this is Wilf's World.

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"Grandad's Bench is a heart-warming tale which never steps over the line dividing love from sentimentality. It will appeal to young children who know about the special bond that often exists between the young and the old." Carousel

"This attractive book is the warming story of a lonely child, new to a cold rainy climate, who loses the precious toy elephant that is his confidant... a ‘must’ for our schools and homes."
- Children's Books Ireland - Siddharth and Rinki

Launching December 5th at the Festival of the Christmas Trees in Scunthorpe

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